The purpose-built AEIOU Sippy Downs Early Learning Childcare centre opened in 2011, conveniently located on the grounds of the Sunshine Coast University at Sippy Downs. The centre has four early learning rooms: Nursery, Toddlers, Pre-kindy and Kindergarten and an additional room is dedicated to providing early intervention for children with autism aged 2 to 6 years.

Our outdoor play areas offer a variety of learning opportunities through water play and discovering our natural environment. Safety is our priority, and padding is abundant during obstacle courses designed to encourage the perception and management of risk taking.



Our team of qualified and experienced educators is very aware of the feelings you may experience when facing the prospect of leaving your child in a care environment for the first time. We seek your input to provide as much information as possible in relation to your child’s routine at home so we can best maintain consistency while they are in our care.

At AEIOU we believe in the development of secure attachments for each child and provide consistent, experienced, qualified and responsive educators who make it their priority to build a special relationship with your child.

Our educational programs are based on a holistic approach to meet your child’s developmental needs within a safe and caring setting. Our educators provide a rich learning environment by immersing your child in conversation, singing and reading to foster their language development.

Each day you will be provided with a report detailing your child’s feeding, sleep and toileting patterns to ensure you are always fully informed.



Our toddler program is focused on providing a safe and secure environment for each child to develop their confidence, independence and emerging skills. Our qualified and experienced educators deliver a predictable routine which provides each child with the confidence to explore their learning environment and allows them to know what is happening each day. Our educators use positive guidance strategies to encourage each child’s developing social skills and assist with the development of friendships and empathy for others.

The children’s developing independence is highly supported in our nurturing environment where our caring educators provide guidance and assistance with their independence skills including toilet training and dressing themselves.

Families are also provided with detailed information about their child’s eating, sleeping and toileting routines each day.


Pre Kindy

Our team of qualified and experienced educators provide a rich learning environment, encouraging your child to explore and experiment while being closely supported. Our educators gain a deep understanding of your child’s development and extend their skills and abilities through achievable challenges to ensure a feeling of success.

Your child’s friendships and cooperative play skills will develop rapidly during this stage and our educational program regularly encourages peer interaction to extend your child’s learning throughout all areas of their development.

Our skilled educators use a variety of resources and opportunities for children to use symbols in their play which is the foundation for later literacy and numeracy skills and understanding.

We look to build strong partnerships with our families and encourage you to share details about your child’s unique personality and developing skills and knowledge to assist our educators.



Our kindergarten program offers the flexibility needed for today’s busy families with children being able to attend longer hours, up to 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year.

We offer a specialised program which reflects the approved Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines for children who attend our centre in the year before they attend formal schooling.

Our university qualified Early Childhood Teacher has extensive knowledge in these guidelines and is well equipped to provide an outstanding educational kindergarten program informed by best practice. This ensures your child develops the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully enter formal schooling and develop a passion and love for life-long learning.

Our teacher recognises the importance of engaging families in their early childhood program and is very passionate about facilitating and maintaining these partnerships.


Early Intervention – Autism Specific ‘Turtle Room’

AEIOU Foundation provides early intervention for children aged 2 to 6 years, which includes therapy by Behaviour Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists.

Our Turtle Room is operated under a different structure. More details are available here.